Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hmmm, I See...

My world has edges again.

Tabitha sat on my glasses almost three weeks ago now, rendering them both inoperable and unrepairable, so I have been meandering about the planet without them ever since. On the one hand, it does give a nice soft-focus feel to things. On the other hand, well, ibuprofen is a marvelous thing.

I did not miss the glasses too much, surprisingly enough. Other than watching television, which I don't do much of anyway, there really wasn't anything I couldn't do. And since most of what I watch on television involves large men chasing a small ball or some similar object, I could do that too just by watching the uniforms flow by. Eventually the announcers would declare that someone had scored.

But this situation couldn't last, and I set out to get new spectacles. Not having had my eyes examined since the previous presidential election, I figured it was time for me to have them looked at by a professional before I charged off to ye olde eyeglasses shoppe. This, of course, took a few days to set up, but eventually - boom! - there I was, at the optometrist.

They remembered me there.

That is never a good sign. Right there in my chart it probably said something like "crashing nuisance," in large part because getting the eye drops into my eyes is an exercise in futility. What can I say? I don't like things approaching my eyes. Last time they tried it, it took nearly half an hour before they finally hit on having me close my eyes, filling the corner with drops, and then asking me to open them again. When it was all over they asked me if I wanted contacts. "Have you been here with me this past half hour?" I asked. "Never mind," they said.

This time we went directly to the "filling the corner" strategy, much to everyone's relief, and I walked out with a new prescription with no fuss.

Then I went to Sears to get it filled. They were having a sale! I was in and out in mere minutes, which is the definition of a successful shopping trip as far as I am concerned.

It took two weeks for the specs to come in. It might have been quicker, except that Sears Optical used DHL for all their shipping, and DHL pulled out of the American market last week. So I think they had someone fling them here with a giant slingshot, which took extra time though there was no additional charge.

So now I have new spectacles. They are snazzy. They are sharp. They are, to nobody's surprise, almost exactly the same as the ones I had before, except with hinges instead of memory metal.

I am so predictable.


KimK said...

I LOVE it,even the part whare you wote about me sitting on your spcticls. Over all it was super funny!
Your dourter Tabitha.

KimK said...

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