Friday, August 24, 2012

News and Updates

1. The problem with having Teh Best Summer Evar! is that all of the things you were avoiding by heading out of town are still there when you get back.  So the next week or two is going to be just a long, head-down sort of grind to catch up.  World’s smallest violin to begin playing in 3 … 2 … 1 …

2. Among the more pleasant of those things to catch up on is a backlog of blogging, so there will probably be some posts talking about things that happened a while ago.  Entertaining things, of course.  At least to me.

3. Yesterday we spent part of the afternoon getting Tabitha registered for 7th grade down at Mighty Clever Guy Middle School.  Seventh grade!  How on earth did that happen?  But at least they’ve got the registration pretty much down to a science at MCGMS.  You walk in and find the big table right up front in the lobby.  The volunteer hands you a sheet of paper with all of the stations that you have to hit listed in order, and you head off in a big clockwise circle, ticking them off one by one.  Eventually you end up at the auditorium, where they take the school photos for the yearbook, and then you’re done.  Start to finish: 25 minutes, including chatter and looking at optional clubs and PTA materials.  Would that all such events were that well organized.

4. I have registered for this year’s YWCA “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event, to be held on September 14.  For those of you not familiar with this event, basically they ask guys to wear high heels and walk around for a while in public, and the funds raised by this go to the YWCA’s programs designed to prevent and/or respond to domestic violence.  I have done this before.  It is worth the sore feet and fashion faux pas to me to support this cause.  If you agree and wish to make a donation, please contact me at the email address on the left or check out my Facebook page for a link.

5. My face is finally not numb after yesterday’s dental work.  This is a mixed blessing, as now my left cheek is free to communicate its bruised displeasure.

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