Monday, May 4, 2009

How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall? Practice...

Yesterday was the Big Concert here in our little town, with command performances by Tabitha and Lauren as well as a host of others. You should have been there.

Every year the girls' music teacher rents out the very same hall where Kim and I had our wedding reception and invites the family and friends of her students to watch their children perform. We've been to two of these now and they are a lot of fun, though it is hard sometimes to sit in that space and not think about our wedding reception.

Grandma and Grandpa came down for the show, and we all piled over early so the girls could get some time up on the stage. It is always good to do that, since that makes the stage a little less intimidating. We finally settled down into our places and the show began.

Lauren was about the fourth person to perform. She marched up to the stage with a purpose, sat down on the piano bench, and suddenly realized that while she was tall for her age she wasn't that tall and there was no way she was going to reach the pedals to play her piece. There was a moment of confusion before this was corrected, and then she launched into her songs - "The Bells of Great Britain" and "Dancing With Frankenstein," which made an interesting combination. She did a very good job, and we all applauded.

A couple of performers later, it was Tabitha's turn. Being a violinist, she had no need to worry about benches. She too marched up with a purpose, squared away toward the audience, and launched into her piece - "Mary Had A Little Lamb," which she played quite well, especially for someone whose musical career can be measured in months. Applause ensued, as was appropriate.

Afterward there was a general handing out of certificates, awards and trophies to the assembled students, followed by a reception with more sugar than a collection of children should probably be exposed to, but you know - they earned it.

Good job, girls. We're proud of you.

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