Friday, February 17, 2012

All the Colors of the Stage

Yesterday was the big Third Grade Musical down at Not Bad President Elementary. You should have been there.

To be honest, I should have been there too.

Unfortunately I had to teach a class that afternoon. I did make it to the first fifteen minutes or so, and I saw the rest on video. So I can say that yes, indeed, I have seen the play. It was a fine dramatic experience.

The play was called Colors, and as near as I could tell the plot seemed to revolve around the black and white crayons in a box feeling rather left out since none of the other crayons considered them proper colors. There was much singing and dancing involved in the explanation of this sad state of affairs, and eventually all of the crayons realized that it all worked so much better when every crayon was included, after which there was more singing and dancing and not a little of rainbows and harmony.

Lauren was Yellow Crayon #1.

The only thing we were told to get for her costume was a yellow shirt. Do you have any idea how few child-sized yellow shirts there are these days? I spent an entire afternoon searching through the various megamarts that populate the northern edge of Our Little Town (and believe me, we have them all) before I finally found a small selection of them, including the one with the big M&M printed on it that Lauren eventually wore.

Maybe it’s just the times. Yellow is a cheerful color, after all, and things are grim all over these days. But you know, maybe we just need more yellow.

The kids all seemed to have a good time up there, and Lauren did very well with her speaking parts, striding boldly up to the microphone and enunciating to the back row. She even helped direct a little bit by practically tossing one forgetful crayon onto center stage so she could speak her own lines. So that worked.

Good for you, Lauren. I’m proud of you.

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