Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to the Future

They still cruise here in Our Little Town.

Every Friday and Saturday night during the summer and most of them during the school year, the young folk go out to the main drag, out by the mall, and drive back and forth, back and forth in their four-wheeled compensators. Hey, dudes – party like it’s 1959.

The real kicker of it, though, is that a couple of times a summer it becomes a Community Event. People go out to the main drag with lawn chairs, boomboxes and tailgate coolers and watch the young folks drive back and forth. Seriously, people, how empty does your life have to be to make a special effort to watch other people drive around in circles?

We got caught up in this tonight, Kim and I, as we were trying to make it home from the movies.

We really hadn’t planned on going out tonight, but the girls really love their babysitter and we haven’t gone out much recently. “We want Kelsey!” they kept saying. “Go away and let us have Kelsey!”

Gee, thanks, girls. It’s not like your parents, oh, gave you life or anything.

But the idea of date night was appealing, and so we called and wonder of wonders Kelsey was actually free. And then the question became, what do we do on this date night? It has been a while, after all. We’re sort of out of practice with this “fun” that people talk about.

We ended up having a nice dinner out and going to see Get Him To The Greek, which is a movie I highly recommend if you like your comedy dark, vulgar and smartly written. Think The Hangover meets This Is Spinal Tap.

And then we braved the gauntlet of the main drag and the cruisers. I did manage to annoy one of them by daring to make a left turn while they were waiting at the stop sign, and you know what?

It felt good.

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