Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thawing Out

It's spring in Wisconsin!

Well, at least it's been above freezing for almost a full week now. That counts as spring around here. The birds, frozen in mid-chirp since Thanksgiving, have resumed making noise - which makes the cats even less sane than usual, but we forgive them for that. The lawn has bloomed with turd-blossoms from the neighborhood dogs - which has a similar effect on the cats, come to think of it. And Wisconsinites all over have broken out their sandals, though with the "winter grey" socks rather than the "summer white" ones. That doesn't affect the cats at all, though it still leaves me puzzled.

Spring, spring, spring. And not even Valentine's Day.

Of course this will end badly. We know that. There will be snow and ice, the back end will fall off the thermometer again and cut off the birds halfway through a song just as it did weeks ago, the piles of snow will again reach such heights as to make backing out of our driveway an exercise in hope over physics. This happens every year.

But for the moment, we're going to enjoy it. The girls have broken out their bikes and are once again cruising the 'hood, and there is no surer sign that winter is on its way out than that.

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