Thursday, January 22, 2009

Assessing the New Administration

Well, it is the second full day of the Obama administration, and so far I am not noticeably taller.

Also, I still have a few extra pounds, my hair has not been restored to the thickness and luster it had when I was nineteen, and the Eagles are still not playing in the Super Bowl. There is still ice on the sidewalks and nobody has stepped up to pay me handsomely for my sparkling freaking personality. Chocolate cream pie remains unhealthy for you. Foreign films continue to be Meaningful, while American films remain focused on new ways to shoot people. My cell phone has not become more user-friendly, and my hipness quotient has not increased.

Frankly, I expected better.

On the other hand, the earth has not spiraled into the sun, book stores have not been completely replaced by fitness centers, and we have suffered fewer terrorist attacks than occurred during the last several administrations. I have figured out how to use my scanner, my Jonathan Coulton CD still makes me sing along, and my chai spice tea supply is holding out. The temperature gauge on the Vibe still works, my "on-deck circle" of books to read is joyously large, and Mythbusters is producing new episodes. Also, my family is healthy and happy, and the girls do not get on each other's nerves any more than they had before.

So I suppose the incoming administration is a bit of a wash so far.

There is always the possibility that I could bring my expectations more in line with reality, but that would be unAmerican and I refuse to disrespect my country in its current crisis.

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