Sunday, January 11, 2009

25 Random Things About Me, As Required by Heidi's Note

From Facebook:

1. I judge restaurants by their bread. Except Chinese restaurants, which I judge by their hot and sour soup.

2. I once spent an hour inside of the air chamber of a 10,000-pipe organ while it was being played.

3. I get very competitive during card games but don't really care if I win or not.

4. When I have extra money, I buy books. I do this when I don't have extra money too.

5. I firmly believe that 10% of humanity isn't worth the space they take up on the planet, and that this 10% cuts across all barriers of race, class, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, age and occupation.

6. Despite this, I rather like people. 9 out of 10 is pretty good odds.

7. I would like to learn how to do figure photography, but I have nothing really to say - something I regard as a flaw in an artist. [I may do it anyway, though...]

8. I travel mostly to visit people, not places.

9. My vocal range is down, but I harmonize up.

10. I miss cheesesteaks (wit'out).

11. I'm good at a lot of things that I don't enjoy.

12. I was once described by a friend as "cinematically illiterate."

13. I'm anonymously famous on the internet - something I wrote in 1995 is up on over 100 websites today and was plagiarized by the Washington Post in 2002. You could look it up.

14. I played keyboards, bongos and Jew's harp in a band called Not The Catfish.

15. The material world and I have issues with each other.

16. I can write in Tengwar, in both the Noldorin and Sindarin manner.

17. I am a clearinghouse of useless information.

18. My wife and I are both friends with most of our ex's. They were good people when we were dating them, and they're still good people now. Actually, we're friends with each other's ex's too.

19. I think George W. Bush has done more harm to my country than any American president since Jefferson Davis.

20. I read the footnotes.

21. I do not like beer, coffee, or fish, and I therefore have no idea why they let me live in Wisconsin.

22. I am happily married.

23. I like grey fall days.

24. It is very difficult to come up with 25 things to say about myself.

25. I play piano like rhythm guitar - I look at the tablature above the music and go from there.

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