Thursday, September 4, 2008

Statement of Purpose

I find myself with more spare time than I am used to having, these days, and thus the creation of this blog. Like most blogs, this one has no particular purpose - which makes the title rather more ironic than is generally acceptable in modern America, but so it goes. It exists mostly for my own entertainment. For that reason, it will include a bit of everything - family news, books and movies, general musings, politics, and occasionally even things that might interest others outside my world. There is much in the world that is amusing, much more that is not, and even more that just begs to be commented upon or written about.

"History is not what you thought. It is what you can remember. All other history defeats itself."
-W. C. Sellar & R. J. Yeatman, 1066 and All That.

Here I write what I wish to remember, and if it is worth reading then so much the better.

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